Student Field Study Award Recipients

2019 PhD Awards

Ainhoa Mingolarra Garaizar, Syracuse University
Transboundary Water Governance in the Masacre Watershed (Haiti and the DR). Preliminary Research in the Haitian side [ report - post ]

Akemi Inamoto Orellana, Syracuse University
Gender and Environmental Governance at the Intersection of Climate Change and Neoliberalization: Rice Farmers in Tolima, Colombia [ report - post ]

Caroline Tracey, UC Berkeley
“The Soul Will Fly Home of its Own Accord” 1 Postmortem Infrastructure and the New Geography of Migrant Death [ report - post ]

Audrey Denvir, University of Texas at Austin
Avocado in Mexico and Peru: A Global Commodity Chain Analysis [ report - post ]

Anais Zimmer, University of Texas at Austin
Future of Periglacial Landscape: Alpine Ecosystems and Deglaciation in the Tropical Andes and French Alps [ report - post ]

Talia Mills, Kings College of London
Gender and Violence on the Move: Urban Violence Induced Displacement Among Central American Adolescent Women Along the Journey to Southern Mexico. [ report - post ]

Megan Mills-Novoa, University of Arizona
After Adaptation: A Multi-Scalar Study of Climate Change Adaptation Projects in Ecuador [ report - post ]

Leila Donn,University of Texas at Austin
New machine-learning computer program to find and study caves, karst, and climate in the Guatemalan tropical forest of the Maya Lowlands [ report - post ]

2019 Masters Awards

Dena Coffman, University of Toronto
Urban Climate Adaptation in Iquitos, Peru [ report - post ]

Jamie Gagliano, Syracuse University
Intergenerational mobilization, agroecology and soy: The case of Paraguay’s Conamuri [ report - post ]

Thomas Saleh, University of Toronto
Land, Water, and Development in the Rupununi, Guyana [ report - post ]

2018 PhD Awards

Benjamin Fash, PhD Candidate, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University
Networked Community Economies as Alternatives to Extractivism in Honduras, in Copán, Honduras. [ report - post ]

Christopher Lesser, PhD Student, Geography, UC Berkeley
Forests for the English to See? The Invisible Ecologies of Brazilian Forest Legislation (1850-2017), in Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo, Brazil. [ report - post ]

Danielle Langworthy, PhD Student, Geography and the Environment, University of Denver
Continuity and Change in Nicaragua: How Land Insecurity is Perpetuated through Tourism-Based Land-Grabbing, in Gigante, Nicaragua. [ report - post ]

Taylor Tappan, PhD Candidate, Deptartment of Geography and Atmospheric Science, University of Kansas
Slash-and-Burn? Gauging Cabécar Subsistence Agriculture vs. Forest Conservation Agendas in Costa Rica, in Alto Chirripó, Costa Rica. [ report - post ]

Clare Beer, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, UCLA
Nationalizing Nature: Conservation, Economy, and Chile’s Route of Parks Project, in Patagonia, Chile. [ report - post]

2018 Masters Awards

Chelsea Leven, Masters Student, Department of Society and Conservation, University of Montana
Mapping system dynamics for resilience amidst volcanic hazards on Ometepe, Nicaragua. [ report - post ]

Ruchi Patel, Masters Student, Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University
(De-)Constructing conservation corridors in human landscapes of the Mesoamerican dry tropics, in Departments of Rivas and Granada, Nicaragua. [ report - post ]

Caroline Kamm, Masters Student, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto
Mitigating Risk in Rural Development: Local Food Networks in Jalisco, Mexico. [ report - post ]

Preston McLaughlin, Masters Student, Department of Geography and the Environment, University of Texas Austin.
Quantifying Runoff and Erosion Rates of Unpaved Roads in Culebra, Puerto Rico. [ report - post ]

Min Kue (Philip) Son, Masters Student, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto
Gender and Mining Conflicts in Uchucarco, Peru. [ report - post ]

2017 PhD Awards

Nikolai Alvarado, PhD Student, Department of Geography, University of Denver.
Migrant Politics in the Global South City: The Political Strategies of Nicaraguan Migrants to Secure Housing and Basic Services in the Urban Informal Settlement of La Carpio, in San José, Costa Rica. [ report - post ]

Carlos Dobler Morales, PhD Candidate, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University.
Climate change meets the land-sparing/sharing debate: a study of droughts and land-use segregation in the Southern Yucatan, - post ]

Sisimac Duchicela, PhD Student, Department of Geography and the Environment, UT-Austin.
Ecological Restoration as a Means for Alternative Development in the Ecuadorian Andes Northwest Andean mountain range, Ecuador. [ report - post ]

Araby Smyth, PhD student, University of Kentucky.
Gender and Remittances: Lived experiences of women in Oaxaca, Mexico. [ report - post ]

Samantha M. Krause, PhD Candidate: Department of Geography and the Environment, UT Austin.
Wetland Agroecoystems in the Maya Lowlands: LiDAR and Multi-Proxy Environmental Change. [ report - post ]

Caroline Parks, PhD Student, Department of Geography, University of Florida.
The Changing Dynamics between Smallholders and Ranchers in Agrarian Reform Settlements in the South of Pará. report - post ]

2017 Masters Awards

Brenna Sweetman, Masters Student, Geography, University of Alabama.
Analysis of Water Quality in the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, Belize: a case study of human impacts on a diverse and critical marine landscape, Punta Gorda, Belize. report - post ]

Rebecca Patterson-Markowitz, Masters Student, School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona.
Co-Producing Healing in Post-Conflict Guatemala: a Case Study, Guatemala City, Guatemala. [ report - post ]

Jennifer Langhill, Masters Student, Department of Geography and Planning and the School of the Environment, University of Toronto
Gendered Experiences of Climate Change: Coping with High Flooding in the Peruvian Amazon, Department of Ucayali, Peru. [ report - post ]

Sara Eshleman, Masters Student, Geography, UT-Austin.
Mechanisms for the distribution of Cohune Palm, Orange Walk District, Belize. report - post ]


Bernard Nietchmann Ph. D. award:
Seth Denizen, University of California at Berkeley
The Vertical Geopolitics of 42 Centimeters in Iztapalapa, Mexico City
Advisor: Michael Watts

Robert B. West Ph. D. award:
Diana Denham, Portland State University
Traditional markets in an era of supermarketization: A case study of Mexico's tianguis
Advisor: Nathan McClintock

James J. Parsons Ph.D. award:
Rebecca McMillan, University of Toronto
Coproducing the state? Water, participation, and justice in Venezuela
Advisor: Scott Prudham

Bernard Nietchmann Ph.D. award:
Elizabeth Tellman, Arizona State University
Clandestine transactions and land use change: The consequences of clientelism in Mexico City and cocaine transit in Central America
Advisor: Billie Lee Turner II

Robert C. West Ph.D. award:
Laurel Bellante, University of Arizona
Dispossession through ‘Double Exposure’: The Struggle for Farmer Autonomy in the Face of Climate Change and Neoliberalism
Advisor: Tracey Osborne

James J. Parsons Ph.D. award:
Gabriel Granco, Kansas State University
Modeling land change dynamics of sugarcane to predict Cerrado biodiversity vulnerability
Advisor: Marcellus Caldas

Clarissa Kimber M.A. award:
Emilie Schur, University of Arizona
Reimagining water security: The case of two colonias across the U.S.-Mexico border
Advisor: Margaret Wilder

William M. Donovan M.A. award:
Blaise Murphy, University of Denver
Terracing, Land Management, and Agricultural Soils in the Andagua Valley of the Southern Peruvian Andes
Advisor: J. Michael Daniels


Bernard Nietchmann Ph. D. award:
Valiente Soto, University of Arizona
Witnessing and dealing with the effects of drug-related violence in northwest Mexico  [ report ]
Advisor: Jeffrey Banister

James J. Parsons Ph. D. award:
Sarah Kelly-Richards, University of Arizona
Conflicts unresolved: An institutional ethnography of Chilean water governance [ report ]
Advisor: Carl Bauer

Robert B. West Ph. D. award:
Hector Agredano, CUNY Graduate Center
Rails to revolution: Railroads, railroad workers and geographies of the Mexican Revolution of 1910 [ report ]
Advisor: James Biles

William M. Genevan M. A. award:
Nicholas Kotlinksi, University of Kansas
Oil palm development in the Peruvian Amazon: Reading conflicting views [ report ]
Advisor: Chris Brown

Oscar Horst M. A. award:
Noah Silber-Coats, University of Arizona
Territories of adaptation: Contested spaces of climate change in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Oriental [ report ]
Advisor: Diana Liverman

Clarissa Kimber M. A. award:
Emma J. Lawlor, University of Arizona
A debated sickness: Framings of disease, agro-labor, and sugarcane in Central America [ report ]
Advisor: Margaret Wilder


Bernard Nietschmann Ph. D. award:
Gary LaVanchy, University of Denver
Water Resources and Tourism Development along the Western Coast of Nicaragua: A Political Ecology Perspective
Advisor: Matthew Taylor

2013 James J. Parsons Ph. D. award:
Christopher Hartmann, Ohio State University
Governing Health and Managing Garbage in Managua, Nicaragua
Advisor: Becky Mansfield

2013 Robert B. West Ph. D. award:
Teresa Bornschlegl, Clark University
Environmental Law Enforcement and the Possibilities for Socio-ecological Justice in the Hydro-carbon sector in Ecuador
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

2013 William M. Denevan M. A. award:
Richard Johnson, University of Arizona
Debt Landscapes: Migration, Loan Default, and Landuse Change in Rural Guatemala
Advisor: Elizabeth Oglesby

2013 Oscar Horst M. A. award:
Lisa Green, Utah State University
Climate Change Vulnerability in Calakmul, Mexico
Advisor: Claudia Radel

2013 Clarissa Kimber M. A. award:
Jared Van Ramshorst, San Diego State University
Spaces of Possibility: Transnational Networks in Oaxaca, Mexico
Advisor: Fernando Bosco

2012 Bernard Nietschmann Ph. D. award:
Zoe Pearson, Ohio State State University
The War against Coca: Grounding the Impacts of Drug Control Policy in Bolivia
Advisor: Kendra McSweeney

2012 James J. Parsons Ph. D. award:
Alex Sphar, Clark University
Industrial Policy, Ideas, & Institutional Change in Brazil
Advisor: James T. Murphy

2012 Robert B. West Ph. D. award:
Tammy Elwell, University of California, Santa Barbara
Reconciling Marine Conservation with Livelihood Development
Advisor: David López-Carr

2012 William M. Denevan M. A. award:
Nikolai Alvarado, University of Denver
Impacts on Small-scale and Subsistance Fisheries of Tourism Development and Conservation Schemes
Advisor: Matthew Taylor

2012 Oscar Horst M. A. award:
Catherine Jampel, Penn State University
How Bears become "problems": Understanding Human-Bear-Cattle Relations in the Northern Ecuadorian Andes
Advisor: Melissa Wright

2012 Clarissa Kimber M. A. award:
Niki von Hedemann, University of Arizona
Communities and Carbon: Evaluating Opportunity and Access in the Guatemalan Highlands
Advisor: Tracey Osborne

2011 Bernard Nietschmann Ph. D. award:
Adrienne Johnson, Clark University
Multi-stakeholder Institutions and the Governance of Sustainability: The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in Ecuador
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

2011 James J. Parsons Ph. D. award:
Sean Tanner, Rutgers University
Projects and Progress: Becoming NGO client subjects in northern Guatemala
Advisor: Kevin St. Martin

2011 Oscar Horst M. A. award:
Cheryl Hagevik, Appalachian State University
Mapping Bolivia's socio-political climate: Evaluation of multivariate strategies
Field Report
Advisors: Christopher Badurek, Kathleen Schroeder

2010 Ph. D. award:
Emma Mullaney, Pennsylvania State University
The Contentious Politics of Corn: Conflicting Agro-Economic Narratives in Mexico's Central Highlands
Advisor: Karl Zimmerer

2010 Ph. D. award:
Manuel Prieto, The University of Arizona
The legal construction of water and the Atacameños of the Loa River Basin (Chile)
Advisor: Carl J. Bauer

2010 M. A. award:
Jessica Long, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Making ends meet: understanding spatial and economic aspects of forest dependence in indigenous Iquito communities in the Peruvian Amazon
Advisor: Lisa Naughton-Treves

2009 Ph. D. award:
David Tecklin, The University of Arizona
Private environmental governance in Chile: conflict and adaptive institution building for fish, forests and water
Advisor: Carl J. Bauer

2009 M. A. award:
Tammy Elwell, University of California, Santa Barbara
How has Fisheries Management Affected the Livelihoods of Artisanal Shellfish Harvesters in Chile's Lakes Region?
Advisor: Stuart Sweeney

2008 Ph. D. award:
Amy Lerner, University of California, Santa Barbara
Peri-urbanization in Central Mexico: Implications for rural household livelihoods and land-use
Advisor: Hallie Eakin

2008 M. A. award:
Will Anderson, San Diego State University
Korean Transnational Migration to Guatemala: An Exploration of Maquila Connections, Social Exclusion, and Urban Insecurity
Advisor: Fernando J. Bosco